‘Too far’ is not a place Jimmy Carr recognises. The controversial but nationally lauded comedian has regularly come under fire for a range of bad taste jokes including quips on gang rape, obesity and paedophilia. And that’s before we get onto his off-stage tax evasion schemes. Always looking to improve his personal best in the shock department, last night Jimmy Carr performed to a 200-strong audience at the annual Q Awards, attended by Boy George, Kasabian and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.

He opened the set by talking about his earlier need to go to the toilet being worsened by long queues at the bathroom.

"So frustrating," he said. "All I’m saying is I can see it from Oscar Pistorius’ point of view."

Carr made the joke amidst what can only be described as international outrage at the ‘light’ sentencing of Paralympic winner Oscar Pistorius. The ‘Blade Runner’ was found guilty of culpable homicide when he shot and killed his then girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through a bathroom door on Valentine’s Day 2013. He was sentence to five years, with just ten months of that to be spent in prison.

The audience bristled at the joke, but undeterred Carr continued.

"That’s not the controversial bit," he said. "Here it comes… I blame her. If she hadn’t been in that disabled toilet none of this would have happened."

After the jokes landed on silence, Carr shouted “it’s the fucking Q Awards, come on” but it did little to ease the audience.

Could this be Jimmy Carr’s most controversial joke to date?