This is what happens when you're the world's most notorious group of assholes. Louis C.K. tears you apart on Twitter, and a motorcycle gang makes the journey from the Netherlands to Iraq just to kick your ass. No joke. "No Surrender," a Dutch motorcycle gang, is currently in the middle east fighting ISIS. And the Dutch government is totally cool with it. 

The head of No Surrender has confirmed that three of its members have traveled to Iraq to join forces with the Kurds and fight ISIS. Dutch law permits this; citizens are allowed to join foreign forces as long as the fight isn't against the Netherlands. 

Bill O'Reilly would approve. Especially since the bikers appear to be doing this on their own accord instead of on the government's dime. Avoiding government spending while fighting terrorists: that's a Republican's wet dream. Minus, you know, the gang affiliation. 


[via Gawker​]