Cristin Miloti was probably best known for being the Very Sexy Baby on 30 Rock before landing the long-time-coming role of the titular mother on How I Met Your Mother a few years ago. Of course, her time was bittersweet: [SPOILER] it turns out Ted is telling his kids how he met their mother because she has died.

Fans were very opinionated about the finale—they'd spent ten years looking for the mother alongside Ted, only for her to die?  "I'm also sort of behind Craig and Carter [the show's creators] on this one, because it was so brave of them to say, 'This is how we've always envisioned it, for nine years, whether the show ended after one season or whether it ended after 20, this is always going to be it,'" Miloti said. To be fair, though, she was upset about it, too, at first.

"I just burst into tears as soon as they told me...At first I was like, 'But wait, no, he finally found her.' I had just caught up on all the seasons, so I said, 'But this dude's been looking for the mother of his kids forever,' They were like, 'No, they had a wonderful marriage together and they had these two beautiful children and it's still super sad, but we want it to be lifelike,'" she said.

Miloti stars on the new show A to Z with Mad Men alum Ben Feldman

[via ABC News]