When you think of art set in Detroit, you probably don’t think about comedy. A list of the best known films set in the Motor City doesn’t exactly fill the room with mirth: 8 Mile, The Virgin Suicides, True Romance, RoboCop and Garfield: The Movie (the horror). When it comes to pop culture, Detroit poet laureates Eminem and Kid Rock made their names with songs about coming up hard and fighting to survive. When Detroit makes the news these days, the coverage tends to involve shuttered businesses, foreclosed homes, or residents without water. Despite Detroit’s hardscrabble public image, the city has been the home for a number of sitcoms over the years. Some of them you’ll remember from years of after-school reruns, and others are as forgettable as a TV show can be. Though, all of them called the Motor City home. Here is A Complete Guide to Sitcoms Set in Detroit.