An easy way to class up your household is to add a wine rack to your living or dining room. It’s a simple way to flaunt your wine purchases after a weekend spent tasting in the vineyards. You will need a sturdy board that’s around 2x6, as well as 4-5 pieces of 2x4 depending on how many bottles you would like to display. Start by cutting the 2x4s so that they are just a little longer than the height of a bottle of wine. These pieces will serve as vertical shelves along the board and each wine bottle will lay flat on its side on each shelf.

On each of the shelves, drill two small holes next to each other that are only a couple of inches apart and are as close to the edge as possible. On your board, place markings every six inches down the board and drill the shelves into it. Hint: Drill the screw through the back of the board and into the shelf to hide any screws or holes. After each piece is secured together you can stain or paint the wood depending on your personal style. After the wood has dried, insert bolts or larger screws into the holes that you made earlier on each shelf. These will hold the wine bottles in place to prevent them from rolling off the shelves. Place the wine rack on a wall of your choice to jazz up the room.