Picture this. It's Friday, September 5th. You're home. The phone rings. You answer. Who's calling? It's Dane Cook.


Or Katie Couric


Or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Oh, come on now...

But wait, before you hang up--this is no prank. The person on the other end is not some random. It's actually the celebrity he or she claims to be. But wait...why are they calling you? Great question! It's because, on September 5th, that's exactly what Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) has asked them to do.

That's right, for this year's telethon, SU2C has gathered up some of its most famous friends to help in its quest to raise some much-needed funds for the fight against cancer. SU2C has launched a groundbreaking initiative aimed at accelerating innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. Like with any fight, there's real power in numbers, because when we all come together, cancer doesn't stand a chance.

So, the only question that's left is: What's your number? Go to werecallingyou.org and enter it there. Then, on September 5th, when your phone rings, it just might be a celebrity calling to ask if you will Stand Up with them in the fight against cancer. 

For more on Stand Up To Cancer's mission and this year's show, be sure to visit standup2cancer.org.