Don’t worry, America. Sarah Palin and her family are still alive and well, and apparently they’re now kicking some ass too.

While a Bristol Palin stalker showed up at their house on Sunday, that wasn’t even close to the craziest part of the Palin clan’s weekend. That’s because the night before, Track Palin got into a bit of a heated discussion with an ex-girlfriend of his sister Willow Palin that quickly turned into an all-out brawl. Bristol, allegedly, was throwing haymakers as her mom screamed “don’t you know who I am!” Todd picked up a bloody nose somehow, although in classic Todd fashion it seems like he was just kind of there and not really doing much.

Sounds like they do things a little different in Alaskan politics. And what are the odds that these kids are all named after the places they were conceived? “Track” sounds about right.” sounds about right.


[via Gawker]