Early this morning, the memorial for Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. caught on fire and burned to the ground:

@LauraKHettiger: #BREAKING a #MikeBrown memorial caught fire this AM feet from where he died @kmov #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/kDklf1txzv

— Antonio French (@AntonioFrench) September 23, 2014

#BREAKING witnesses saying someone caught #MikeBrown memorial on fire, but candles all over area @kmov #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/o7HSth57hv

— Laura Hettiger KMOV (@LauraKHettiger) September 23, 2014

Before and after of fire at #MikeBrown memorial on Canfield Drive @kmov #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/RCyd3b57dh

— Laura Hettiger KMOV (@LauraKHettiger) September 23, 2014

Cousin of #MikeBrown looks at where a teddy near memorial used to be @kmov #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/B03OcqBYCt

— Laura Hettiger KMOV (@LauraKHettiger) September 23, 2014

We counted at least 10 tea candles at #MikeBrown teddy bear memorial on Canfield. No injuries @kmov #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/E8xiqHdjX8

— Laura Hettiger KMOV (@LauraKHettiger) September 23, 2014

While it’s easy to assume that there might be foul play at work here, remember that this makeshift memorial was piled high with flammable things like paper signs and stuffed animals, and with many candles placed around the area it is easy to imagine one tipping over and setting the entire pile ablaze. According to reporter Laura Hettiger, police were on the scene at the memorial and were wearing their new body cams, so footage from those may help indicate what started the blaze.

Regardless of what started the fire, it’s another troubling development for a town only just starting to heal.


[via Twitter]