The movie Dear White People (out on Oct. 17) is all about the idea of a "post-racial world," and what that world actually looks like in a hyper-focused environment like a college campus. After a racist-themed party is thrown at Winchester College, the reactions of the students—black and otherwise—prove that not everyone is on the same page in terms of race relations.

But the movie's a quick-witted satire that pokes fun at how one race views another, and how absurd stereotyping—on both sides—can be. Case in point: this public service announcement.

In this video, a very white guy in a very white polo shirt expounds on the common stereotype that all black people can sing. "Black people learn to sing Negro spirituals from, like, day one," he says before an actual black person walks into a frame and appropriately asks, "What the fuck?"

The more you know, though!