We’ve reached the end of the trifecta. The three anchors of the American summer conclude with the one that has a tendency to slightly bum everyone out because it is seen as the unofficial end of everyone’s favorite season. But it shouldn’t because (a) summer isn’t technically over, and (b) the weather really doesn’t start to get awful for another three and half months—two great reasons to grab the bull by the horns and crush Labor Day.

Now, a lot of your friends might not have the fortitude or resources to curate an unforgettable three days, but you do. Granted, I don’t know you personally, but I like to assume you’ve got it together. Even if you’ve kind of got it together, I’m going to find it in my heart to help you come out on top this LDW (Labor Day Weekend). So let’s you and I do this. Let’s be better than everyone we still barely keep in touch with and unequivocally take Labor Day to the next level.