When we saw the trailer for upcoming thriller No Good Deed, starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, we knew things were about to get very serious. Idris’ first run at a maniacal portrayal of a criminal is downright bone chilling. However, that was only the trailer. Here are five things we want from Idris Elba in No Good Deed, hitting theaters September 12.

Remain Relatively Charming
Elba is known for being a very charming gentleman, and we don’t want him to lose this while playing the villain. There is something about a dapper sociopath that makes him that much more frightening.

Prison Tattoos
Prison tats in the right places have been used numerous times to accentuate a villain’s evil within. This is a sure-fire way to induce some cringing. Plus the ladies probably won’t mind seeing Elba with his shirt off.

Scare Us
This seems simple, but we haven’t really been scared by Idris Elba before. We want him to get the job done!

Play Mind Games
First he’s in your house, then he’s in your head. That’s what the audience should expect. As soon as Elba is getting into the head of the characters, you won’t even notice he’s also picking apart your brain.

Don’t Hold Back
This does not seem like it will be a problem given Elba’s performance in the trailer; we just hope he keeps it up throughout the movie and does some serious jaw-dropping crazy “I’m totally psycho” stuff!