Judging by the trailer, the body count will no doubt be high on the final season of Sons of Anarchybut creator Kurt Sutter has gone as far as putting a number on how many members of the biker gang will end up dead. 

So who's it going to be? Jax? Juice? Rat? Tig?

"Two club members will be dead," Sutter told Entertainment Weekly. "I don't think there will be more than that."

But no clues on who it might be. 

"I need to know every single one of you would die for the man next to him," Jax says in the Season 7 trailer.  And it looks like at least two of them will have to.

Of course, Sutter had only written eight of the season's 13 episodes when he said that, so there could be more bodies before it's all over. 

The 90-minute season premiere airs Sept. 9 on FX. 

[Via EW]