Fox just dropped a four-part, behind-the-scenes preview of the first episode of Gotham titled Gotham: The Legend Reborn.

The Batman prequel series premieres Sept. 22, and according to the creators is set in a more violent, more anarchic Gotham City than even the movies, and inspired by 1970s NYC.

The series centers around officer Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in his pre-commissioner days on the force, and will feature a young Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and many familiar villains from the Batman universe. 

You can watch all four parts of the 19-minute preview below:





Fox has released Gotham: The Legend Reborn, a 19-minute behind the scenes special looking at the pilot episode of the Batman prequel television series Gotham. The new show follows Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, who alongside his partner Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), are trying to take down Gotham’s organized crime. And it wouldn’t be Gotham without some baddies, including Gotham’s young villains which include Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Penguin and the Riddler. Watch the whole Gotham: The Legend Reborn 19-minute behind the scenes special embedded after the jump.


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