If you own an iPhone, then chances are you’ve tried to use Siri, only to get really frustrated and quit. She has a very hard time following simple instructions or commands, and to be totally honest is a little too sassy. Her success rate for correctly interpreting and answering a question is almost unfathomably low.

Clearly, though, Pedro Bravo does not share these concerns.

Bravo—a Florida native whose trial for kidnapping and murdering his roommate in 2012 began last week—allegedly told Siri “I need to hide my roommate,” and she actually replied with a follow-up that one might say is helpful for someone trying to dump a body. This little chat between man and phone took place on September 20, 2012, the same day Bravo’s roommate vanished.

The body was recovered in a rural part of Florida a few weeks later, with hunters finding it in a shallow grave. Obviously, Bravo’s biggest mistake was not taking Siri’s advice and locating the nearest metal foundry.

But hey, at least this picture taken from court doesn’t make him look totally insane, right?

UPDATE: So it appears that Bravo didn't actually ask Siri how to hide a body. The main piece of evidence disproving the claim is that Bravo owned an iPhone 4, but Siri was not introduced until the iPhone 4s. While Bravo did have the above screen grab on his phone, it now appears that he pulled it from Facebook rather than taking it himself.


[via Buzzfeed]