We can all agree that there’s a severe lack of TV shows with world-renowned Mongolian leader Kublai Khan as a central figure on UK TV. Luckily for all of us with a Netflix password, the online streaming service is coming to the rescue with the release of ‘Marco Polo’ premiering at 12.01am on December 12, 2014.

The show is set to star Lorenzo Richelmy as the eponymous Italian traveller and Zhu Zhu, best known from Cloud Atlas, as his love interest ‘Kokachin’. Marco Polo will be set in 13th China, in the court of, you guessed it, Kublai-not-Genghis Khan, played by UK born Benedict Wong, famed for his role in 2012’s Prometheus.

With producers from Games of Thrones, True Blood and Pirates of the Caribbean behind it, Marco Polo looks set to be another Netflix hit. If the latest photos are anything to go by we can look forward to a saucy, battle-y, Mongol romp.