The upcoming Sonic video games Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal are a pair of excusive titles that Nintendo hopes can turn the tide of their recent misfortune. Presumably, the two titles are meant to show off the explosive possibilities of Sonic and his pals when their talents are transferred to the Wii U and the 3DS. Unfortunately, the latest trailer for Rise of Lyric hardly does anything to inspire hope for the upcoming title. 

As you can see above, the trailer utilizes tongue-in-cheek humor to sell the game's appeal while also handily masking the fact that little action is being shown in the clip. Seriously, do you get in any battles or fights during this game or do you just run around on a pre-recorded loop for the entire time? 

And why the melodramatic voice-over artist? Was this trailer directed by Michael Bay? Watch the video above, and dispense your judgments in the comments section below.

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[via Destructoid]