Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who returned to his position this month following a two-month stint in rehab, admitted today that he's tried "every drug you can probably think of" with the exception of heroin, claiming it fueled his atrocious behavior. 

The Associated Press reports that Ford said he's done "cocaine, marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms," but never heroin. "You name it, I've abused it," he said, according to the Associated PressFurthermore, he once again owned up to smoking crack, but insisted that he's not addicted to it. While he admitted to drinking in City Hall, he maintained that he never did drugs there. 

As of now, Ford has resumed his re-election campaign. The Associated Press said he wouldn't comment on resigning if he slipped back into substance abuse. The city's election is scheduled for Oct. 27.

[via Associated Press]

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