Complex once again teamed up with brand agency Team Epiphany for a #SUMMERFRIDAYS event, closing out last week with "Spark Sessions," a gathering of progressive thinkers across different fields, discussing modern-day entrepreneurship and their respective career paths.

The event, which took place on July 18, was held at the New Museum’s rooftop space in Manhattan. Before the panel of innovators commenced, guests networked while listening to music provided by DJ Wonder. Once the panel was assembled, attendees eagerly gathered around to hear how Eneuri Acosta (Influencer Marketing at Chevrolet), Ryan Leslie (Music Artist, Tech Entrepreneur), Eleanor Langston (Founder of Paintbox), Randy Brandoff (Founder of Eleven James), and Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever arrived at their current status, and where they continue to find inspiration and motivation within their profession. After the panel discussion, the room was opened up to a Q&A, which gave way to continued partying throughout the evening.

Party goers had a 360-degree view of downtown NYC, and enjoyed the rooftop's fresh air while sipping complimentary Hennessy and Belvedere cocktails, ice-cold Heineken, and Evian water. Guests were given new JBL headphones, as well as the opportunity to enter to win a chauffeured ride in a new Chevy vehicle to anywhere in the five boroughs.