We've celebrated the digital revolution and how it has changed everything from political activism to episodic television. It is important to note, however, that there is a dark side to the democratization of technology. Now anybody with a half-baked idea and an SLR can make a sacchrine-sweet video to commemorate their engagement. It isn't enough that we are creating exhausting videos of every moment of every wedding, now we are producing videos of the moment she said, "Yes" to force our friends and relatives to sit through.

The most striking thing about the culture of engagement videos on he Internet is the sheer variety of ways that couples can bring shame to suburban white people everywhere. Flash mobs, scavenger hunts, costumed events: there seems to be no end to the race to finding the most shamelessly saccharine way to pop the question. Here are The Most Obnoxious Engagement/Proposal Videos on Internet.