Though "criminal" and "object of women's affection" fit perfectly, you can now add "model" to words used to describe Jeremy Meeks.

According to TMZ Meeks, 30, has been offered a contract with Blaze Models in Los Angeles. His new agent (not attorney or parole officer, agent) is ex-porn star Gina Rodriguez, meaning he'll join her other classy clientele including V. Stiviano, the Octomom Nadya Suleman and Farrah Abraham. 

Meeks still has larger issues to consider, like the11 felon charges he's facing for crimes ranging from firearm possession to parole violations. He currently resides at San Joaquin County Jail, where his bail has been set at $1.1 million. 

"I’m not exactly sure why it’s so much money," Rodriguez told Fox News. "We’re trying to secure him some of these deals so that when he gets out, it can change his life, literally."

If that happens, he can sign his mugshots like they're headshots and make prison couture an actual thing.

[via Gawker, TMZ and Fox News]

UPDATE: Relax folks, Felonious Bae is not a model. According to Antiviral, Luke O'Neil decided to actually ask if Meeks had been given a modeling contract. The answer is no: "We haven't even talked to Blaze Management at all," his rep, Brandy Snail revealed to O'Neil, adding that he hasn't signed to "Blaze Modelz nor has he been signed to any modeling agency." 

Antiviral maintained that Meeks' representation is still hopeful that he'll get a contract (or some type of break), but he's not a model. Not yet, at least.

[via Antiviral]

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