Have you ever wondered what happens to your consoles when you go to take a break from playing a game? Or the contents of your Steam library when you decide you don't want to look at a screen for awhile? PixelStorm Films (currently running their own Patreon) may have the answer.

In this goofy short film, the exact scenario outlined above takes place, and as it turns out, the various characters in your games are looking for an escape. A chopper shows up to take down a Creeper, Metal Slug soldiers venture out across the innoculous landscape of what's been their office prison, Flappy and angry birds start flying and projecting themselves across the room, all while the games' poor owner is making a cup of coffee.

The effects work here is fun, but the real message is clear: your games actually don't really like you much. Maybe next time you'll think twice about confining them to the endless cells of your Steam library, lest your own room go up in a violent blaze.

[Via Youtube]