Dear Fox & Friends, please don't ever change. 

As Fox News slides further and further into the realm of deluded self-parody, they can now add copyright infringement to their list of accolades. During an interview this morning with Texas Governor Rick Perry (who still isn't fooling us with his reverse Clark Kent routine, sorry, Rick glasses make most people look smarter, you're not one of those people) discussed the massive influx of immigrants from Central America into Texas.

In place of the normal orgy of Bald Eagles fellating Abraham Lincoln Fox normally uses, their logo this morning bears a striking resemblance to Ken Levines's BioShock Infinite. Don't know if the irony was lost on Fox & Friends, but Infinite's floating island city of Columbia was home to an entire population of xenophobic fanatics that just simply loved institutionalized racism. Just saying.

Here are both images side-by-side for a comparison courtesy of the AV Club

And one more so you can get a full chest load of 'Merica first thing in the morning.

BioShock creator Ken Levine responded via Facebook and Twitter about the 'borrowed' logo.


Glad to see that the irony wasn't completely lost on everyone. Don't ever change Fox, you do you. 

[via AV Club]

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