Even if you don't follow @fart, you are probably familiar with his work. Though Jon Hendren is consistently hilarious with his mixture of brand mockery, intolerance for trendy web culture, self-loathing, and on-going discourse on pussy eating, he is at his best when his tweets take on a life of their own. The Internet loved it when Pitbull was sent to perform at a Wal-Mart in Kodiak, Alaska; Hendren (along with Dave Thorpe a.k.a. @Arr) had a hand in that. You may recall the time when the lead singer from Smash Mouth was forced to eat two dozen eggs for charity; Hendren had a hand in that as well.

In a way, Hendren's account is a laboratory for performance art, and the results vary widely in scope. Sometimes, his work ends with a little group trolling of famed morons. Other times, he is part of hijacking social media campaigns. Digiday has said of Jon, "If you're a social media manager for a major brand, Jon Hendren, known by his Twitter handle @fart, is your worst nightmare."  Here's hoping that corporations never wake up from their bad dreams.

Finally, like @Lowenaffchen, @fart has offered up a list of people who have blocked him [via previously mentioned Buzzfeed piece] that we're sure has only grown longer since its publication:

"- Nickelback - I posted a daily Chad Kroger Horny Report detailing how many babes he was sexting via his mentions. he was doing it a lot for a while there.

- stone cold steve austin - I told him his head looked like a penis sticking out of a wal-mart shirt or something
-danielle straub, "real housewife of New Jersey" - told her she looks like a cross between a dachshund and a skull
wil wheaton - he posted some jerkoff thing about "Oh, a mysterious rocket launches and everyone just assumed it was Evil Wil Wheaton!" so i quoted that and said "shut up" and a bunch of people RTed it

- dog the bounty hunter - no idea why

- scott baio - for being associated with people trolling scott baio, i guess. i didn't do anything.
- jose canseco - i told him he wore a diaper for months but he never blocked me until i said something about his estranged girlfriend, i don't remember what

- @Lord_Voldemort7 - not really a famous person, but i'm proud that this loser blocked me for making fun of its shitty gimmick."