After the recent news that YouTube video game "celebrity" Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg earns the equivalent of $4 million dollars a year in ad revenue thanks to his 30 million subscribers, I've decided that I'm doing life entirely wrong.

We reported earlier this week that New York game collector Michael Thommason was putting up his massive games collection for sale. After the Guinness Book of World Records crowned Thommason with the world's largest game collection, Thommason promptly put his collection up for auction. His 11,000 strong collection of games fetched a stunning $750,000 after three days of intense online bidding. 

I'd just like to point out that I've always had my hoarding compulsions squashed over the decades. Action figures, collectible trading cards, basically any comic book published by Marvel in the '90s, and, yes, video games were always written off by loved ones as massive wastes of space and resources. If I had known that I just needed to fill a basement with video games from floor to ceiling, I'd have smothered my deadbeat uncle and taken over the basement years ago. 

Good for Thommason, for real, but if anyone needs us we'll be refinancing our student loans and seeing how deep we can cut ourselves before we pass out. 

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[via GameGavel]