Taking matters into his own hands, Jason R. Humphreys, 60, hid an illegal device in his SUV and used it to jam the cell phone signals of surroundings drivers. Because safety.

The illegal device was allegedly used my Humphreys on Interstate 4 in Florida for about two years. The signal jammer ceased cell phone usage for all cars — including emergency responders, which need their phones to work at all times. Humphreys was tracked down in Florida after mobile provider Metro PCS reported interference in their Tampa towers.

The 60-year-old driver said he was sick of seeing people using their cell phones. The Federal Communications Commission doesn't care as much about this as they care about Humphreys jamming communication for emergency responders. So, for that, he is facing a $48,000 fine.

Although Humphrey’s has a fair point about using a phone while driving, his argument is moot considering phone use is legal while driving in Florida.

[via Daily Mail]

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