Hannibal has already been renewed for a third season, and showrunner Bryan Fuller is this much closer to booking David Bowie. He's apparently been trying to get the legendary singer on the NBC drama, and he hasn't gotten a firm no.

"We were told by his people, when we got the pick-up for the third season, to make sure to ask again about his availability.  So, once we have our dates, we are going to ask again.  I think the man walks on water, so I would love to be in his orbit, in some way," Fuller said.

So, he's interested? "He’s also very, very busy.  He’s got lots of exciting things coming out, musically.  That was the block to the second season.  He’s incredibly busy," he said.

Bowie could be so fabulously creepy -- has he had a better cameo since Zoolander? Season three of Hannibal doesn't have a premiere date yet (probably late 2014 or early 2015), but we do know it'll be in Europe. X-Files star Gillian Anderson guest starred this season, and fingers crossed that we'll see more of her.

"Not everybody walks out of Hannibal’s house alive, and I would love, love, love for Gillian Anderson to be a regular in Season 3, but that is all yet to be negotiated. In my mind, I would love to work with Gillian on everything. So, I’m hoping that she can be a big part of next year," Fuller told TV Line after the season two finale.

We're holding out for Scully and Bowie at the same time. Bring it, Hannibal.

[via Collider]