What's that smell? Oh, it's a mix of organic, vegan, seitan sliders and tattoo lotion being spread over fresh thigh ink. Strap on your revolver-black Warby Parker's because Rockstar Games just dropped the I'm Not a Hipster update for Grand Theft Auto V complete with a heaping spoonful of cultural cliché.

The new update includes some game fixes as well as “Hipster” content like retro tees, skinny jeans, hairstyles, tattoos and animal masks. Also included are new vehicles and a dozen fresh jobs for your Suicide Girl aspiring or Macklemore haircut wearing characters.

Developer Rockstar says you can pick up some ironic pistols and an antique Calvary Dagger to trust into your enemies or maybe make a nice plate of deconstructed nachos. Make sure to grab the free update and check out what the next-gen Los Santos will look like in this preview on the PlayStation 4 when it drops this fall for next-gen consoles. Hurry before it's not cool anymore.

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[via Rockstar]

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