In 1995, Doom was installed on to so many PC hard drives that it overtook the number of installs for Windows 95. Not only that – when Microsoft decided to release a Win 95-compatible version of the game, Bill Gates himself starred in a video where he was inside the game. 

There's probably a lot of things you don't know about Doom, one of the seminal first-person shooters of all time. Did you happen to know that Rise of the Triad contains characters based on those originally intended to be in Doom itself? Or that the shotgun and chainsaw in the game is a direct reference to Evil Dead? Or that (snicker) the name "Doom" actually comes from a line in Tom Cruise's The Color of Money where he's playing pool?

You probably didn't know those things. They're much more common than the not-at-all veiled joke from the Doom film adaptation whereupon discovering the BFG Dwayne Johnson utters, "Big. Fucking. Gun." Out loud. Though that was also pretty amazing.

Anyway, this video runs the gamut from stuff taken out of the game to inspirations for Doom itself. But now you'll never be able to look at a big fat cyclopean demon and not think about Tom Cruise and his pool cue. You're welcome.

[Via Youtube