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The Xbox One update for May went live only days ago allowing Skype to be snapped in. Allowing you to now play games while explaining to your parents on Skype why you used some of your college textbook money to get an Xbox One. But Microsoft isn't waiting until next month to give users the scoop on a big update coming in June.

Users will be able to use up to two external hard drives with the Xbox One after the update goes live. The drives must be USB 3 and at least 256 GB to work. The drives will then be formatted to the Xbox One and used as a primary drive. So You can use your external drives first, only to spill over to the Xbox One's hard disk when it runs out of room.

Also added will me real names. Users can choose to show – or not – their real names to all or just some of their friends. This does away with having to remember friend's Gamertags alone.

Other features include better integration with SmartGlass, making your Android or Microsoft powered phone a remote for the Xbox One and an auto sign-in feature that will get you playing faster.

Don't forget Microsoft is also dropping the pay wall in June for apps including Netflix and HBOGO. After that time users will no longer be required to pay the Xbox Live Gold Membership for access to apps but will still need a subscription to play online games. Check out the full video above and the press release here for more details.

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