Just as Columbia University officials were revamping how the school handles sexual assaults and rapes, someone has taken to scrawling the names of alleged rapists on the walls of campus bathrooms. 

According to Gothamist, there are two lists: One titled "Sexual assault violators," and another labeled "Rapists on campus." Each feature four names written in silver permanent marker. The first discovery was made in a women's bathroom in Columbia's student center yesterday afternoon, and the other was found mere hours later.

Furthermore, the Columbia Spectator adds that a similar list appeared in another campus building towards the end of last week, though more than one person reportedly contributed to it. 

The lists were cleaned by maintenance workers, and the university is investigating the incidents as acts of vandalism. This comes a month after three separate federal complaints were filed against Columbia by 23 students who claim the school did not properly handle rape and sexual assault accusations. 

[via Gothamist and Columbia Spectator]

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