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Happy Monday, and welcome to another installment of Rise and Grind, that friendly slap in the face you need to wake up each morning. This time around, Nathan Reese (@NathanReese) has gone to the end of the Internet to find what you need to read to get your day started. As Desus and Mero would say, these are "knowledge darts." Send your tips, photos, news developments, love letters, and hate mail to

Nutella Turns 50 

Your favorite dessert-for-breakfast hazelnut spread is now half a century old. I bet you didn't know it was invented by an Italian named Pietro Ferrero in post-war Italy to bring happiness to his ravaged country. The story is basically The Bicycle Thief with more chocolate and less soul-crushing depression (so not at all, really). [via BBC]

The Zodiac Killer Has Been Identified (Maybe)

A new book titled The Most Dangerous Animal of All by Gary L. Stewart claims that the Zodiac Killer was his own father. If you're familiar with the story (or the David Fincher movie) you know that the Northern California serial murderer was never caught. Spooky! [via New York Magazine

Jellyfish Are Hard to Photograph

Scientists are trying to raise money for a three-year expedition predicted to cost $4 million to discover new creatures at the bottom of the ocean. Expedition Aquatilis hopes to travel 30,000-nautical-miles in search of footage of rare—and possibly undiscovered—marine life. [via Wired]

Getting Mugged Sucks

If you've ever been mugged while traveling abroad (Which I have. Twice.), you know that it is no fun at all. But how much does it cost you, exactly? Here's the breakdown. [via The Billfold]

The '90s Are Back

Vancouver punks White Lung channel Riot grrrl and Hole in the track/video for their excellent new song "Face Down." It's very fun in a let's-go-to-the-mall-stoned sort of way. [via Pitchfork]


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