Remember that kid who allegedly peed in the Portland reservoir, thus forcing the city to have to dump over 35 million gallons of treated water? Well, Dallas Swonger still insists he that much of a "dumb ass," and the city isn't disposing of the water. 

Swonger, 18, earned infamy in April when he accused of urinating in Reservoir 5 after skateboarding with friends. When the alleged incident was caught by a surveillance camera, Portland's Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff decided to dump the water in the sewer. 

However, protests have forced Shaff to reconsider, though the water will not be given to the Portland's thirsty residents. Instead, it will be moved to Reservoir 6, which is out of use. There, officials will see how long it can remain pristine, so they can consider using it for a pond in Mount Tabor Park.

Swonger, who called the decision to dump the water "fucking retarded," would probably be agree that this is the best course of action. 

[via Gawker]

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