First appearance: Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla (1974)

MechaGodzilla first shows up as "Fake Godzilla," a robot wearing a Godzilla costume. But the real Godzilla ain't got time for that, and swiftly exposes the shiny machine beneath. The multi-colored ray MechaGodzilla shoots out of his eyes is as strong as Godzilla's atomic breath. Sometimes he shoots missiles from his fingers, knees, mouth, and toes.

MechaGodzilla is succeeded by MechaGodzilla 2, who shoots missiles out of more unusual places (tranquilizers from his hips, paralysis missiles from his shoulders) and can F you up with the Mega-Buster Ray, Plasma Grenade, and G-Crusher. When MechaGodzilla 2 needs just a little more firepower (which ought to be never) he straps a warship called Garuda on his back like a knapsack and becomes Super MechaGodzilla.