We don’t know what the X-Men ever did to Brett Ratner as a child, but it had to be something heinous because the guy hauled off and killed three of the main characters during X-Men: The Last Stand within an hour of each other. The most shocking of all of these deaths had to be Professor X, who is literally torn apart by Jean Grey halfway through the movie. Yet here he is in Days of Future Past without a mention of his temporary brush with the great beyond.

How did he come back? Well, it was shown at the end of The Last Stand that Xavier had placed his consciousness inside of another body. But that doesn’t explain why that body looks just like Patrick Stewart, or why he would choose another body that was paralyzed. There is no explanation here, just a giant middle finger from one director to another, courtesy of Bryan Singer.

Plus, unless you unfortunately own the DVD or are one of those people who watches FX at 3 a.m., chances are you’ll never see The Last Stand ever again anyway, so these little details can be ignored.