For the next four weeks, Adolf Hitler's image will be plastered on buses in D.C. due to a pro-Israel group's response to a series of anti-Israel ads. 

On Monday, the image below began appearing on 20 buses in the area thanks to the American Freedom Defense Initiative:

The New York-based AFDI explained the decision on their website: 

Our ads are in response to the vicious Jew-hating ads … unleashed on Washington DC Metro buses last month

Here's some context about the ad: 

The AFDI ad shows Hitler meeting with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Palestinian nationalist and grand mufti of Jerusalem who allied himself with the Third Reich before and during World War II. Besides making propaganda broadcasts for the Nazis and recruiting European Muslims to serve in the Waffen SS, Husseini backed Hitler’s policy of exterminating Jews.

D.C.'s transit system is no stranger to controversy. Here's the American Muslims for Palestine ad that ran from the middle of March until the middle of April and triggered the AFDI's response:

The lesson here is to never be shocked by what you see on the side of a bus.

[via Washington Post]

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