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Just paying the bills is expensive enough. Take moving, for example. Once you’ve finished paying your rent and security deposit (and in NYC, broker’s fees, which: don’t get me started), you have just enough money to buy pizza and beer for the friends who helped you move. Sitting in a completely bare apartment might help you seek enlightenment for a few days, but after that it is going to get pretty dull. Eventually you're going to have to buy stuff to put in the apartment. When that time comes, save yourself some money and buy some things other people have already used.

Of course, you can’t just buy anything second hand. Obviously a soiled t-shirt or a mite-ridden mattress aren't smart purchases, but you can find worthy bargains at thrift stores and yard sales. There’s a lot more you can get away with buying second hand than you think. Sure, what you're buying might not be shiny and new, but how much do you really want to pay for the privilege of knowing all of the scuff marks are you own? It's not always worth it, so here is a handy guide to the things you should buy second hand.

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