In a message to customers, Verizon Wireless announced that is changing its mobile advertising program. In addition to monitoring users' locations to deliver more relevant ads, it will now begin analyzing customers' phone habits to link usage patterns to their computers.

It reportedly works by using cookies to track  customers once they log in to the site for MyVerizon. It then creates fuller customer profiles by connecting their online behavior with data collected about their location and movements. It will use that information to deliver yet more targeted ads to users' cell phones.

"In addition to the customer information that's currently part of the program, we will soon use an anonymous, unique identifier we create when you register on our websites," Verizon Wireless told customers.

"This identifier may allow an advertiser to use information they have about your visits to websites from your desktop computer to deliver marketing messages to mobile devices on our network," it added.

[via The Verge]