Thanks to the hard work of Arcade Man, Luis Sobral, a new Tron-style racing game for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset now has its own old-school mount. The lit-up light cycle bodies, so called RiftCycles, are paying homage to the old school cycle games and cyber movie that came out before cyber existed, TRON. You may remember those motorcycle arcades where it would rev-up and knock you around a bit but now with the Oculus Rift it's more realistic than ever. However, there are very few games that make the wearing of the Oculus look cool during play but this might the most promising one yet.

The Portuguese start-up Overflow Interactive created the game using the free Unity game platform. The entire project only took the savvy Arcade Man a month to put together. When CNET asked Sobral what he planned to do with RiftCycles he responding cryptically. “I'm working on something that will allow it to be seen by everyone. More news coming soon...” Here's to hoping this thing makes it to E3!

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[via CNET]