Authorities say a Montana man was arrested for fatally shooting a German exchange student over the weekend. 

In an attempt to catch whoever they thought had stolen several items from their house, Markus Hendrik Kaarma and common-law wife, Janelle Pflager, arranged an elaborate trap in their garage involving motion sensors and a surveillance camera. 

At roughly 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, he reportedly heard a noise. That's when everything went south: 

"He stated he heard a noise that sounded like metal on metal and he was afraid that the intruder would exit the garage and harm him," the affidavit said. "It was dark and he could not see into the garage."

"He stated he thought he was going to die and that the guy would try to get out of the garage, and described thinking he could act like a caged animal. ... He stated he didn't want the male to get away and that he wanted him to be caught. He stated that the police can't catch burglars in the act."

Claiming he feared for his like Kaarma opened fire, hitting 17-year-old Big Sky High School junior Dire Dede in the head and shoulder with shotgun blasts. According to a court affidavit, he allegedly shared his intentions to shoot the suspect, should he catch him.  "I'm just waiting to shoot some [expletive] kid," he allegedly told her. 

Though his attorney argued that the shooting was accidental, he was charged with deliberate homicide yesterday. 

[via Gawker and Missoulian]

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