There was a time when the mere thought of a Police Academy reboot would cause digital groans across all corners of the Internet, but when Key and Peele are involved, it’s bound to pique some interest. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Key and Peele just signed a deal with New Line to produce the Police Academy reboot, although there is no word on whether or not they will star in the film.

"It's going to be very worthwhile to the people who remember it and to those who saw it on TV," producer Paul Maslansky told THR. "It's going to be a new class. We hope to discover new talent and season it with great comedians. It'll be anything but another movie with a numeral next to it. And we'll most probably retain the wonderful musical theme."

The original Police Academy series ran for seven movies and focused on a group of bumbling cops who somehow keep saving the day. The movies were consistently thrashed by critics but usually wound up making money in the end. There really is no accounting for taste.

[via THR]