A journalist claims he was assaulted in the streets of San Francisco for wearing a pair of Google Glass. Kyle Russell, who works for Business Insider, says someone yelled "Glass!" before snatching the glasses off his face and throwing them to the ground.

Russell acknowledges that growing tension around the issue of the tech industry-led gentrification of San Francisco likely triggered the attack. 

"In retrospect, I can see how [wearing Glass on a Friday night in the Mission] might not have been the best idea," he told CNET, adding that Google "has come to represent gentrification in the city."

"My love for gadgets makes me look and sound like one of the people whom residents of the city have come to feel oppressed by," he said.

Glass etiquete is an escalating topic of discussion, with different perspectives about what kind of behavior is and isn't appropriate while wearing Glass in public.

[via CNET]