From spreading the word on natural disasters to uniting TV junkies on new-episode night, Twitter has been responsible for a ton of major events. And now, it's inspired a movie. Last month, Heineken put out a call for movie pitches for its #15SecondPremiere campaign. The winning tweet would be turned into a 15-second film, produced by Hollywood directors, to premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival.

That film is finally here. 

Inspired by Dennis Lazar's tweet (see below), the super-short film, titled Linclone, follows the shenanigans that ensue when a President Abraham Lincoln clone is unveiled to the world.

The project premiered last night at the Tribeca Grand, where even Robert De Niro stopped by to congratulate the winner. Watch the finished product above, and if 15 seconds isn't enough, check out a deleted scene here.

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