Google is selling a limited amount of Google Glass units tomorrow and tomorrow only (for now), and the sale is bound to generate a ton of hype — but picking up a pair isn't going to be as easy as it may sound.

Glass, until this point, has been limited to people who were chosen for their Explorer program: a beta program that let users own Glass while Google did updates and experimented with things. While the device has been controversial, it's been controversial because no matter what, it's a conversation starter that gets a lot of attention. That attention could lead to you getting assaulted, but hey, all publicity is good publicity. So, here's what to know for Google's sale tomorrow:

  • The sale starts Tuesday at 6 a.m.
  • To buy them, you must head to the Google Glass website (here)
  • You can get them with shades or a different frame than the one you may be used to seeing
  • The most infuriating part, if you're short on money: the price is still $1,500

Are you going to try to get a pair? Let us know.