Just after the recently-released Zomboss Down expansion, EA has announced their Plants Vs. Zombies multiplayer shooter Garden Warfare will be getting optional microtransactions next week. As far as microtransactions are concerned, this pretty standard fare: interested players that choose to opt-in to the new system will be able to purchase in-game coins with real-life cash via the game's sticker shop, allowing customers to pick up character and game add-ons faster than they'd be able to simply earning coins the old-fashioned way through matches.

While this is about as unobtrusive as microtransactions can get, it's a slippery slope from simply giving players an option to buy coins to, say, fundementally undermining the point of a game's design. (EA should know.) Whatever your opinions are on pay-for-play systems, restraint may not be the worst idea here.

[Via EA