Hm, is there really any wonder as to why Emma Watson was cast as Ila, the adopted daughter of a man chosen by God to be the one of the soul survivors of a global flood in Noah? Really, dude? You don't see why? Let's make it clear: Of course God would want that bloodline to create the next humans. Emma Watson is perfect.

She's smart, she's charming, she's beautiful, and she has an even head on her shoulders unlike other child stars. Watson can do no wrong. In fact, she's so perfect that she makes other people realize what bums they are. The actress been working since the age of 10 and went to Brown University on top of that. We tried to sell lemonade at age 10, but then got tired and took a nap. 

In honor of God gracing us with 24 years of Emma Watson, here are 20 of her best and brightest quotes. 

Written by Hope Schreiber (@HopeSchreiber

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