Remember The Amazing Frog? It's an Ouya game that appears to be about frogs that trip over their own legs, fly clumsily through the air after haphazard jumps and fart indiscriminately. At the time, it was the probably the best reason to get an Ouya. Now it appears its amazingness has returned in some DLC that appears to still be about tripping, clumsily aerodynamics and farting indiscriminately. In space. It still looks like a Dreamcast game. There are still really (almost) no words.

Aside from being able to, uh, Amazing Frog your way through space, the so-named Swindon Space Program expansion to Amazing Frog also adds a four-player local co-op party mode, which involves frogs in astronaut suits with crossbows, among other things.

I don't know why you're still even bothering to read this. Clearly you should just go play The Amazing Frog. Or at least watch the trailer above. Swindon Space Program is available now for free. You're welcome.

[Via Youtube]