Over 10,000 tech evangelists are participating in the Google Glass Explorer program, each one dropping a cool $1,500 to parade the streets testing the prototype smartglasses. The technology is already proving to be the future of eyewear. However, a third of users are failing to adopt the proper Glass etiquette—looking like straight creepers and douchebags, with a handful of others falling into the group for their unbeknownst actions. Society has labeled them Glassholes.

The recent string of controversies surrounding Google’s groundbreaking device has only thrown Glass users in the critical line of fire, with privacy issues being the biggest concern for average citizens. But as we’ve witnessed, some are just out for the notoriety, while others remain humbly clueless to the consequences that come with rocking the hi-tech specs. Either way, they’re starting trouble somewhere. Here is A History of Google Glassholes in the News.

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