As part of a last-ditch effort to preserve the sanctity of the race, the White Man March has been planned for New York City this weekend. 

The event, created by 30-year-old Amherst graduate Kyle Hunt, aims to fight the secret "anti-white agenda" that's apparently marginalizing the white male. Let Hunt tell it, diversity is the equivalent of "white genocide," which must come to an end: 

We will make it clear that we will not sit idly by as our race is discriminated against, mocked, displaced, and violently attacked, all of which amount to white genocide, according to the United Nation’s own definition of genocide. This is why one of our big messages, which will be displayed on many large banners, is “DIVERSITY” = WHITE GENOCIDE. These banners will spread the message to the public at large in the most effective way possible.

As Gothamist notes, Hunt is at least reasonable enough to realize that organizing something like this will be difficult. That's why he's relying on the assistance of white supremacist allies for help with the New York City march. (This is apparently a "worldwide event.") Although you have to email them for informationlike the locationGothamist says there's a strong possibility it will be held outside the Plaza Hotel (59th Street and 5th Avenue).

Here's the preferred attire for all beleaguered Aryan "victims":

If you are a man, put on a pair of light khakis and a nice dress shirt. It should almost look like you are a groomsman at a wedding. Or maybe like an avenging Aryan angel. Women, you know how to look great in white.

You could also wear sunglasses. Ancient warriors knew that a mask covering the eyes offers protection, but also provides the wearer with extra confidence. Sunglasses can intimidate others who cannot see your eyes, while making you seem cool and collected.

Don't forget those sunglasses, because "seeming" confident is essential to this effort, as well as a required accessory to the fashionable white supremacist's uniform. But what if they're black sunglasses?

Whatever the turnout is for this "event," there are no real winners, but don't expect too much of anything. Considering Hunt's educational background—a double major in psychology and theater and dance—expect a lot of talking, and a figurative song and dance about the plight of the white male in America across the globe.

[via Gothamist]

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