Veronica Mars creator and director, Rob Thomas, has previously stated that he'd be pleased if the VM movie earned $1 million in its opening weekend. Well, Thomas doubled that.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Kickstarter-funded cult film opened to $2 million in only 291 theaters (265 of which were in the U.S.), numbers that earned it a spot in the box office top 10.

Thomas penned a note to Kickstarter backers on Friday, the movie's opening day, stating:

“My number one goal for 'Veronica Mars' was to make our fans happy.” He added: ”Do I still hope Veronica Mars does well in movie theaters, and sells a hundred billion copies on opening weekend? Of course I do. And is there a number I’ve discussed with Warner Bros. that would make it easier to start talking about a sequel? Of course there is. The more audience we can show for Veronica Mars, the better the odds that we’ll get to do this again in the future.”

Warner Bros.’ executive vice president of theatrical distribution, Jeff Goldstein, shared his satisfaction of the opening weekend with EW saying that the numbers were "pretty significant" considering the small number of screens. 

So, do these successful numbers mean we could get another film soon? Though Warner Bros. reportedly has a box office and Video On Demand gross in mind that would lead to a Veronica Mars sequel, a formal conversation has yet to take place. “We wanted to get through this weekend and then sit down and figure out where we’re going,” Goldstein says.

“In a week we’ll have a better sense.”

[via EW]