It's seems like just yesterday you were puking up green beer next to a police horse. But yes, it is once again St. Patrick's Day, the drunkest time of the year. It's time to celebrate your Irish Heritage (or complete lack thereof) by donning a green t-shirt with a shitty saying on it and getting blackout drunk. As you mentally prepare for a day filled with public urination citations and unnecessary fistfights, it's time to take a look at some of cinema's greatest drunk moments.

A great drunk movie moment doesn't have to come from a great movie. It doesn't even have to come from a vital scene. There is just something to that way that the booze is being poured down the actor's gullet that resonates through the ages. Sometimes it's nostalgic, crazy revelry, as seen in Superbad that makes a great drinking moment. Other times, it is the intense, pathetic sadness of the boozing, as in Leaving Las Vegas, that makes a sloppy moment endure. Sometimes, it's the drinking is just damn funny to forget.

Raise a glass and don't punch any mirrors. Here are The Best Drunk Movie Moments in GIFs.

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